Rosehip Oil and Argan Facial Cream


Daily moisturizing facial cream with Rosehip Oil and Argan, the perfect touch of light hydration.

Natural Ingredients

Paraben Free

Made with Love

Non Toxic

Cruelty Free

Active Ingredients

Rosehip Oil / Rosehip Oil

• It is a powerful cell regenerator.
• Reduces wrinkles, acne marks and other signs of aging.
• Prevents and improves the appearance of scars.
• Helps in the healing and cicatrization process.
• Promotes uniformity of the skin tone.
• Tones and hydrates the skin.

Argan Oil

• Its fatty acids improve the elasticity of the skin and restores its natural shine.
• Highly nutritious and hydrating; helps correct acne and blackheads.
• Although it is an oil, it does not increase the levels of oil in the skin.
• Used as a treatment against skin aging and gives luminosity, softness and elasticity to the face.

How to use

• Use it daily.
• Apply one or two times a day (morning and/or night), on clean and dry skin and gently massage the face and neck until completely absorbed.
• Apply after serums and oils, and before sunscreen.

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