The brand

Dermanat is a Colombian based skin, body and hair care brand, created in 1989 by Laboratorios Dermanat to produce innovative and effective cosmetic and dermocosmetic products, made with natural, non-toxic, and high quality ingredients.

In 2017 we decided to renovate our image and relaunch our brand releasing our emblematic skincare line, which includes the essential products for a complete beauty routine such as cleansers, serums, moisturizers, exfoliants and masks, among others.

We believe in the power of nature to provide health and beauty, therefor we use only safe materials that are free from parabens, petroleum derivatives, aluminum, bronopol and, if possible, fragrance and colorants.

Our commitment is with the health of your skin and our love for nature; that is why we develop effective and reliable formulas made with natural and innovative ingredients, completely free of animal cruelty and at very reasonable prices.

Our philosophy

Your natural beauty at its best: 

We value and seek to exalt the natural beauty of each human being, and for that reason, our goal is to produce quality natural skin care products that are available to all, made with love and using only premium ingredients.

We are committed to the health of your skin, and that is why our formulas are composed mostly by natural and semi-natural ingredients. We use substances such as preservatives and synthetic colorants and fragances, but in such a low percentage that it does not harm your skin.

Although our raw materials are mostly of natural origin and our products are free of toxic ingredients, in order to guarantee the stability of the formula, its preservation and some characteristics such as texture, sensation and absorption, it is necessary to use ingredients that are not natural. These ingredients are manufactured by accredited laboratories and are used in concentrations allowed by the INVIMA and internationally, and do not have any harmful effect on the skin, nor are they toxic.

We are responsible and respectful with the environment and our practices, and we love and respect the lives of animals, avoiding animal testing entirely.

Affordable Beauty. 

We know that the price of a product does not determine its quality, and that is why we decided to develop top quality products designed for everyone. 

Find everything you need for facial, hair and body care all in one place: a brand that makes the latest advances in the cosmetic world available to everyone at fair prices.

Effective and ground-breaking formulas with natural ingredients at affordable prices!


Natural Ingredients

Paraben Free

Made With Love

Non Toxic

Cruelty Free

Where we are going

We are committed to constant innovation, always following world trends in cosmetics, health and beauty, and making novel, high-quality cosmetic and dermo-cosmetic products available to everyone at fair prices.

We want to go further and further and spread the love globally, that is why our plan to expand internationally is a fact. We are now available in the United States and soon in Mexico and Canada, as well as other countries in South America and the world.

See you soon!

The Laboratory

Laboratorios DERMANAT S.A. is a Colombian company created in 1989 that produces cosmetic products for national and international commerce.

We offer maquila services for skin, body and hair care products. We have an experienced professional team committed to the production of high quality products, following good manufacturing practices (GMP) in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of the INVIMA (National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance).

Our Practices

The health and beauty your skin are our priority, and with this in mind we work hand by hand with experts in natural cosmetics to develop effective products using natural and highly functional active ingredients. We are committed to the development of innovative and effective formulas that protect the skin and generate visible results and, most importantly, the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Laboratorios DERMANAT S.A. produces and markets products that contribute to personal care, providing real benefits to our customers and thus maintaining their preference and differentiation over our competitors.

We are also committed to our suppliers, promoting strategic alliances and allocating resources that guarantee the expected profitability and compliance with legal requirements.

We seek continuous improvement and the well-being of our organization through the commitment of our human talent, which is reflected in a better quality of life for our employees.