Lipo-Reducing Gel with Guarana Extract + Cla Carnitine and Pure Forskolin


Complement your exercise routine with this lipo-reducing slimming body gel with Cla carnitine and Pure Forskolin, enriched with natural extracts

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Natural Ingredients

Paraben Free

Made with Love

Non Toxic

Cruelty Free

Active Ingredients

Coconut Oil

Nourishes, hydrates and increases the strength and elasticity of the skin. Protects the skin against stretch marks.

Orange Oil

Improves blood circulation promoting the elimination of fluid retention and reducing the accumulation of fats that can trigger cellulite.

Guarana Extract

Original tropical fruit from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, rich in caffeine, stimulates circulation, improving the appearance of skin with cellulite.


Helps fight cellulite, promotes and accelerates fat burning and tones up the skin.

How to use

• Apply to the affected areas and massage in circular motions until completely absorbed. Use it twice a day.

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