Biotin and Keratin Hair Treatment


  • Deeply nourishes and moisturizes, preventing dryness and hair loss and providing shine and softness.

Natural Ingredients

Paraben Free

Made with Love

Non Toxic

Cruelty Free

Active Ingredients


• Promotes tissue growth, providing more elasticity for less brittle hair.
• Stops hair loss and provides vitality and volume.
• Stimulates blood circulation, allowing a greater amount of nutrients to reach the roots.
• Thanks to its nutrients, it provides strength and thickness.
• Cleanses the scalp, keeps the PH balanced and leaves hair healthy and shiny.
• Prevents sebaceous secretion and reduces and controls dandruff.


• Is a protein naturally produced by our bodies that helps repair and nourish hair from root to end.
• Eliminates frizz and prevents frizz effect.
• Repairs and nourishes hair naturally.
• Increases hair shine and enhances its natural color.
• For a smoother and silkier hair.

How to use

• Apply after the Biotin and Keratin Shampoo on damp hair, massaging from the scalp to the ends.
• Leave on for 5-10 minutes and remove with plenty of water.

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